Excellent staple ingredients and meticulous preparation.

Dishes with a highly personal stamp.

The food resulting from the skillful hand of Elena Aizpurua along with the experience of chef Joxe Mari Mitxelena will amaze even the most discerning diner.


Indulgence in every dish.

Joxe Mari Mitxelena’s signature style

Chef Joxe Mari Mitxelena’s cuisine is based on the minimal handling of top-class staple ingredients selected from our orchards and villages as well as from the Cantabrian sea, to allow you to savour the flavour of each product to the max.


Our traditional flavours

Innovation and tradition, 2 sides of the same coin.

The deep-rooted Basque cuisine alongside new signature ideas come together to offer you a delicious range of original dishes.


Unique grilled dishes.

Grilled meat and fish.

Grilling is a key feature of our cuisine at Gure Txokoa, thanks to our use of the freshest fish from Cantabria and the best meat of our villages.


We come recommended by anyone who has passed through our doors.

Our reputation precedes us.

The prestige of the Gure Txokoa restaurant is attested to by the most important gastronomic guides. Chefs from the ranks of Eneko Atxa also make particular mention of Gure Txokoa as a benchmark gastronomic shrine.

A commitment to local ingredients and quality.

Video: find out about the essence of Gure Txokoa.

Our specialities.

Gure Txokoa featured dishes.
Grilled octopus
Fungi Omelette
Bull Tails Stewed with Red Wine
Roasted piglet


Dining room or terrace