Traditional cooking

The Gure Txokoa grill gives each plate an individual stamp

Seasonal raw ingredients and fine cuisine.

Tradition and the personal touch of chef Joxe Mari Mitxelena

The Gure Txokoa does not tire of reinventing itself, while remaining faithful to its roots, resulting in dishes ranging from Basque traditional classic cuisine to the most innovative culinary formulas, all within certain coordinates defined by the painstaking selection of raw ingredients and the use of the grill.

Traditional cooking
Traditional flavors hand-in-hand with top quality.

Carefully selected products from our orchards and villages, as well as fresh fish from our coastline are the basis of the ingredients of our most classic dishes.

Signature cuisine
The personal style of our establishment.

Chef Joxe Mari Mitxelena expresses his own style through innovative and lively dishes.

The freshest seafood

A real treat of catches from our seafood farm

Gure Txokoa has a seafood farm that guarantees maximum freshness.

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Top-quality wine cellar

Good wines to accompany your dishes.

Seasonal dishes

Our cuisine is characterized by offering the true taste of the best products